TheCatApi // Developer Experience

Get your API Key from -

Here you’ll find the API reference & Code examples for:

  1. Searching thousands’s of Cat images
  2. Get info out about the different Breeds
  3. Filter Search to Gifs, Category or Breed
  4. Vote images Up or Down
  5. Favourite images
  6. Use custom values for your Users
  7. Upload your own images
  8. Get the Machine Learning analysis results
Quickstart - Get a random Kitty

Using the language / framework of your choice:

  1. Load
  2. Get the first Array object of the JSON response
  3. Load it’s .url
  4. Enjoy the kitty 😺

Bonus: Add a button to repeat the request for a new kitty!


Uses to show one random image every to “Another” is clicked.